Our offer

  • Pilot plants (for research and education)
  • Regular 300-3000 cu m reactor volume (turnkey plants or after your wish)
  • Unusual 100-300 cu m reactor volume with existing manure tank as base.
  • Upgrading plants for vehicle gas
  • Generator plants for electricity production
  • Sanitation plants
  • Consultations regarding environmental permits and appropriation.
  • We do our own lab tests and tests on universities
  • We do "mini" and pilot test on plants
  • We do customer specific digestion tests
  • We offer complete plants
  • We are a small group of specialists and generalists
  • We work with project organizations where you as customer will have a contact person through the entire project, we engage well-known companies as subcontractors by the implementation of your project.
  • We are happy to work together with you and your company or your regular partners when we build at your facility.

Please contact us for a quote.

Norups Gård +46 (0)44-600 10 info@norup.se