Short facts

  • We have developed and produced rapeseed since 1989
  • We have developed and produced RME since 1991
  • We have developed and produced plants for RME-production since 1994
  • We have our own biodiesel production on the farm since 1999
  • We have implemented 8 biodiesel projects since 1994
  • The latest biodiesel plant was delivered in 6 ISO containers (a mobile factory)
  • We participated recently in a smaller SIDA project in India regarding small scale biodiesel and biogas.
  • We invest in Green chemistry since 1999
  • We invest in biotechnical production (biological control) since 2002.
  • We have mechanical workshop since 2007
  • We invest in biogas since 2008
  • We have a new broad production permit since 2009
  • We have a patented process since 2009 with the brand Biogard®
  • We have AAA rating the two latest years

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